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Welcome to SEV-US Plumbing. We are a small, family run business operating out of California that specializes in shower and toilet repair. No job is too small, from commercial premises to residential, our professionals are qualified and well trained to put your mind at ease.

We're not just tied to CA either. We work nationwide on a wide variety of projects. Some examples of companies we've worked with in the past twelve months include supermarkets, family households, and much more. Installing new piping, toilets, shower heads, faucets, and tubs, are part of the every day package and we're want to provide you with this expertise too.

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Key features of a toilet

The difficulty with shopping for a new toilet is that there are so many considerations. With countless things to look into before you buy, it's no surprise consumers are constantly turning to plumbers for advice. This article is going to give readers a full overview of everything you need to know, putting you in a better position as you look to part with your money.

With the help of toilet ratings online, alongside our vast amount of knowledge on the subject, we hope to prevent you from making a mistake, regretting your decisions. We shallbe looking at the flush power, mechanism, bowl type, dimensions, brand name, water surface area, efficiency, and many other things that you should factor into te equation before buying.

One piece or two piece? - This is quite a simple concept to understand, and it relates to how the bowl and tank are attached. Where a two piece toilet will have both of these separated, needing to be attached, a one piece unit will be one large piece of ceramic with no additional connections between both. One piece are more aesthetic in my view.

Water consumption - Are you happy with a powerful 1.6 gallon flush, or would you prefer something environmentally and economically friendly. If your choice is the latter, look for the WaterSense label on products as that will let you know they are more efficient then standard models. Typically, these start at 1.28 gallons, but can go all the way down to 0.8 and 0.5 in some cases. This can make a monumental difference in how much water is used each month in your household.

Single or Dual flush? - Two very popular types of flushing systems, but which one should you pick? It comes down to individual preferences. The fact of the matter is singular flushes are quite limited in how they operate. You are going to be utilizing the same amount of water regardless of the type of waste needing to be dealt with. On the other hand, dual flush offer you the choice of two different amounts, usually designed for liquid or solids. The typical number you'll find is 0.8 GPF and 1.28. Far more eficient than your regular units.

Water surface area - OK, it may not seem like a big issue, but it's something many consumers will overlook whilst shopping. The surface area at the bottom of the toilet bowl plays an important role in reducing the amount of odor emitted.

Rough in - This refers to the measurement from the wall to the waste outlet. It's important to get this correct as you're going to have additional problems with the wrong size. For example, if you get a product designed for a ten inch rough in, but your actual measurement is twelve inches, you're going to be left with a big gap behind the tank. So it's best to get this right straight away.

Rim height - The rim height is something manufacturers have been changing up in the past five years. All the talk these days is about creating more comfortable environments in your bathrooms. To do this, they are making seating more accessible. Which basically means that they are increasing the height of its rim. These toilets are often referred to as comfort height. We still recommend standard heights, but if you've got someone living in your home that has joint issues, or struggles to bend down, these could be the way forward.

Manufacturer - TOTO, American Standard, EAGO, KOHLER, and Delta are just a few of the big brand names in this industry. To suggest one over another is not logical as everyones washroom is different and so is their plumbing set up. However, if you stick with the ones I've listed above, you're on the right track.

Floor mounted toilet or wall hung?

Something several of my customers ask me before I start work is either the differences between floor nounted or wall mounted toilets and the advantages of each.

The terms are relatively straight forward. Floor based units will push waste out through the base of the bowl, with the waste outlet usually going through the floorboard/tiles. A wall hunt option will generally go through the back and wont have any part of it connected to the floor. Which is a option many choose to go for when aiming to modernize the bathroom. Keep in mind however, that attaching them to the wall usually means you need to have a tank carrier system behind the wall to activate the flushing mechansim. This can be a little advanced for beginner, but we're here to help out and answer any questions.

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